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HMS434 industrieel 3D printsysteem incl.btw, training, installatie & technisch support beschikbaar

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Build for in-house 3D printing in the manufacturing industry and labs. Low investment an operating costs. Save production costs up to 80% and shorten lead times with more than 50%. Developed together with customers and our 15 years of experience. Brochure available: [email protected]

Industrial grade technology. Designed with focus on reliable operation, efficient production and multifunctionality. Configurated and build for processing engineering materials. With no concessions on quality, reliability and health & safety.

All-in one system for processing advanced engineering materials with industrial specifications.

Build platform 400 x 300 x 400 mm, 19inch touchscreen, temperature and humidity control, materials management, fume extraction and filtration integrated in one system. Expandable. For idustrial prototyping, tooling and production of high mix small volume series.

Multimaterial: parallel 3D printing with 2 or 4 different materials, colours or support structures. Multi part x4 production speed for quick response manufacturing.

Multifunctional: use up to 4 tools for hybrid 3D production. 3D printing thermoplastic extrusion (watercooled), extrudings viscose materials (dual input). Pick & place, robot, drilling, lasering and or polishing optional.

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