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EasyFil ePLA-Black-285-2300g

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EasyFil ePLA is our go-to PLA filament when it comes down to affordability.
Next to EasyFil ePLA being very affordable, it is also a very easy to print with. Next to its high accuracy and high aesthetic surface quality, the mechanical properties of EasyFil ePLA are far above average.

With high speed 3D printing becoming more prominent due to the introduction of high speed 3D printers, FormFutura is excited to introduce a range of new and existing upgraded materials to our assortment. These materials, while still suitable for traditional printers, have also been fully optimized for the new high speed 3D printing technology.

Important key features

  • Retail price of €19,99 for 1kg spools.
  • Available in an extremely wide range of colors.
  • Available in 0.25kg, 1kg, 2.3kg, 4.5kg and 8kg spools.
  • Very easy to 3D print.
  • Improved mechanical properties.


Suitable applications

  • Functional prototyping.
  • Creating visualization aids.
  • 3D printing manufacturing aids.
  • Making detailed concept models.
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