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More materials, less hassle

The UltiMaker Material Station was designed and tested to be an automated material delivery workhorse. Its 6 spool bays give you huge capacity for bigger prints, more small batches, or more flexibility in your setup – which means higher uptime and fewer manual operations.

Each bay is NFC-enabled and compatible with:

  • All Ultimaker filaments (not including 350-gram spools)
  • All materials from leading brands with predefined settings in Ultimaker Cura Marketplace
  • Including glass or carbon-reinforced materials
  • Any other third-party 2.85 mm filament with a spool that fits

The result is unprecedented flexibility for the widest range of 3D printing applications.

For example, we worked out that, for Ultimaker materials alone you can load over 28 million material combinations!

If you’re someone who wants to effortlessly 3D print parts and models in house, then the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle can store and manage your perfect material setup:

  • Manufacturers can easily color-code factory tools
  • Engineers can print functional prototypes and end-use parts with advanced mechanical properties – including 6x spools of glass or carbon fiber composites for high-strength parts
  • Architects can load up to 4.5 kg of white PLA for large context models
  • And so many more…

Simply load material in any order, at any time. Even while another spool is printing.

Load 3D printing materials in 5 easy steps

That task which used to take minutes now takes seconds:

  1. Open the door
  2. Put the spool in any empty bay
  3. Insert the filament into extruder holes 1 or 2
  4. See confirmation from the device LEDs
  5. Close the door and get back to more important work

To remove a spool: Press the button and the filament fully retracts with a clean, sharp tip – ready for next time.

Now, the hardest part of material loading is finding the end of the filament. By making these little actions as simple and intuitive as possible, the Ultimaker S5 Material Station reduces the time it takes to handle material, letting you change spools when it suits you and get on with more important tasks.

This accelerates innovation and reduces the need to employ a dedicated 3D printing operator.

Unleash true 24/7 3D printing

The Ultimaker S5 Material Station has been tested and tested to earn your trust when automatically switching materials. It takes care of every spool swap before, after, and even during a print job – so you don’t have to.

Each bay features end-of-spool detection with maintenance-free, abrasive-resistant prefeeders. So, when one spool runs out, it automatically switches to the next without extra friction, without tangling – without fail. You can even reduce waste by starting a print with a used spool, and trust that the material will be switched at exactly the right time.

Better yet: this automation is made more powerful when combined with Ultimaker Connect. Constantly aware of all the possible loaded material configurations, our free printer management software will assign the next print job from the queue, and even maximize uptime by prefeeding the correct material before the job starts.

As a result, you’ll be surprised how much time you save when all those small, repetitive actions are no longer part of your daily grind. Instead, that time can be better spent on valuable tasks worthy of your attention.

And since the Ultimaker S5 Material Station is designed to be left unattended, it has the capacity, build quality, and reliability to deliver true 24/7 production capacity.

Always-fresh 3D printing materials

Every decision during the Ultimaker S5 Material Station's development was made to deliver materials in optimal condition for 3D printing.

Humidity and dust...the Ultimaker S5 Material Station defeats them both. Its silica gel extracts moisture and automatically regenerates, keeping the fully enclosed chamber below 40% relative humidity – even in outside conditions of up to 70% humidity.

By removing the chance of moisture absorption, the polymer doesn’t degrade over time. The filament is kept pristine for longer as if spool never left its packaging. This results in higher quality prints with a higher print success rate – with less chance of human error.

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